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This is a day course intended for those who would like to prepare a 3-course meal maybe for a supper or dinner party. All of the food prepared will be suitable for serving the following day. Includes easy to prepare canapés.

This session can be bespoke.   

Whenever possible, free range and local produce will always be used.


As a male, finding yourself on your own and having to face the kitchen and prepare appetising food can present a daunting prospect! Learn to enjoy working your way around the kitchen and master a menu of dishes to cater for any occasion with confidence. Maybe family and friends arriving for a Sunday Roast or perhaps some delicious but easy to prepare supper dishes to enjoy and be proud of! Who knows, you could really get to enjoy the whole business of cooking!

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The course fees start from £65 depending on your requirement and budget.  
On some occasions, depending on the produce used eg. fillet steak, etc, a supplement cost may be required.
The cost will include all ingredients, refreshments throughout your session and a course pack to take away 
including the recipes made during your class and a Winston House School of Cookery framed Certificate of Achievement.
Food that you have prepared can in most cases be taken away in containers provided.
Whenever possible free range and local produce will always be used.
Winston House is delighted to cater for all allergens.


I would like to set about destroying the myths surrounding the use of a pressure cooker. This is the most undervalued piece of kitchen equipment and I think it should be restored to the hob with immediate effect!  This course will give you a good insight to its many uses and leave you with the confidence to bring out the one you have at the back of your cupboard.  Or rush out and buy one. 

A delicious melt in the mouth Boeuf Bourguignon cooked in just 20mins -  not to mention the Christmas pudding! 

I don’t claim to hold a degree in weight control but I do know enough about eating the right food groups to help maintain healthy and balanced food choices. This course will illustrate some delicious recipes that will go a long way to ensuring that you won’t have to buy a whole new wardrobe. Includes an introduction to the energising and nutritious mysteries of juicing. This course promises a fresh start to your next trip to the supermarket.

How daunting it must be when you suddenly realise no one is going to feed you on a day to basis anymore! ‘Junk Food’ suddenly becomes reality and a very quick alternative to trying to negotiate your way around a supermarket. This course will deliver a week’s menu of easy recipes using fresh,  dare I say it, ‘nutritious produce’ to suit a small budget. It will introduce simple techniques that will give a good grounding in basic cookery skills.  Who knows Mum – you may even get invited to dinner!  As you can imagine this is an ideal family gift to that young person in your life. Gift Vouchers are available from £65 and can be used anytime subject to availability.

What a way to spend a few hours! A day course making a selection of four desserts guaranteed to make your mouth water. This would be an ideal course for say, Mum and daughter or perhaps a few close friends as an alternative to a hen party celebration – or as well as!.  If you are a little bit nervous about the mysteries of making a good dessert then worry no more. You choose from a delectable range of dessert suggestions. Chocoholics be prepared! 

This will strike a chord with some of you I’m sure. This course has been put together to attract those of you who really do struggle  for ideas when you get through the front door!  A day course with four delicious supper dishes to impress, aimed at refreshing your culinary repertoire. I can’t pretend I’ll fix it for you in one session – you may just have to come back again! This can be bespoke depending on food likes.

If you’ve never made bread before than you really have to give it a go!  So rewarding!  And yes,  I know,  we have bread makers but there is nothing better than making bread yourself.  So, the day will start with understanding the art of bread making, followed by learning to make just the best Lemon Drizzle cake, rounding off with a delicious savoury quiche including short crust pastry. All to take home of course – if you can wait that long!

A style of cooking close to my heart!  I love Thailand and have been fortunate to have travelled there on several occasions.  I had the joy of spending a few days at SITCA on the beautiful island of Koh Samui,  a college which is renowned for its teaching of Thai cooking to international chefs.  If you enjoy Thai cuisine then this is going to be time well spent.  It can be a half day or a full day course with a menu bespoke to accommodate your particular Thai favourites.



Here are a few course session ideas to hopefully get you thinking.  If you would prefer, I can discuss with you areas of cooking that you would like to explore and present a bespoke session especially for you.  In most cases your session will be ‘hands on’ with every 'mod-con' available for your use. Everything is provided for each session including refreshments, an apron and a course pack containing the recipes you create and a framed Certificate of Achievement to hang on your cloakroom wall!  In most cases you will be able to take the results of your work home with you in containers provided. 


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